About Us

Olshop Australia is a new venture by a family residing in Melbourne that took the initiative of providing people with the convenience to shop with merely few clicks.

We have seized the opportunity to provide people with a door step solution to all of their shopping needs. Having gone through a good amount of work, we have finally located the best of vendors who are located in different parts of the world in order to bring you the best possible product; just exactly the way you have wanted.

We aim to be the leading online brand in all of Australia providing with day to day needs. We aim to cater to the needs of individuals, teams who want to get the best possible deal for their item. Be it a simple baby food or an expensive electronic gadget. 

We are fully equipped to provide you with anything that is your today's need.

With an ever expanding commodity and consumer base and with an aim to have over 10,000 items within a year's span. We believe we are in line to be the most diverse and the most convenient one stop shopping solution.

Our little venture is driven by the passion that is brought by the dedication to serve our customers in the best possible way. We believe that every successful business has the backing of fully satisfied clients and consumer base and as such we are leaving no stones unturned in order to provide the best service that the consumers demand.

From being merely a site a year ago to now a whole shopping store speaks volume of our dedication. Our returning customers are the evidence of our work and honesty that we have put-in in this project.

We believe in building long term relations with each of our customers and in order to cater to this need of ours. We have left our doors open so that you can get your query answered as soon as possible!